Custom Your Way, Start to Finish

Best Home Furnishing Store

Harrison’s Design + Furniture is proud to be named the Best Home Furnishings Store for 2020 by The Oakland Press. Thank you to everyone who voted for us

We are Open!

We are excited to be open again.

With all of the additional functions we are asking from our homes (school, office, salon, cocktail bar), now is a great time to make those delayed investments.

Interior Design

Interior design is our focus.  HGTV, Houzz and Pinterest are great, but how do you make your dream room a reality?  

We are here to help.  Bring us your inspiration photos and we can help you to adapt your dream room to the real world.  After all, not every room is the same shape or size, so successful rooms are about adaptation.

Sofas, Sectionals, and Chairs

Sofas, sectionals and chairs are often the largest pieces of furniture in a room. 

As the largest, they need to be customized to fit your home and style.  

Customization is not only about the fabric, but also includes the depth of the seat, the height of the back, the softness of the cushion, and so much more.