Custom Fit Furniture

Does your furniture really fit your body?

Surprisingly, customers are rarely given the opportunity to purchase furniture that is made to fit their body.
We can help you find the right fit for your body.  So, how do we do this?

1.  We have you sit in different frames we have on our floor, finding the seat depth and seat height that fit your body.  We can even change the height of the leg to alter seat height.
2.  We then focus on the firmness or softness of the seat cushions.  Older adults tend to like a firmer cushion, and fewer manufacturers are focusing on the comfort of older consumers.
3.  We can make the back cushion firmer or softer, which will help with back pain and also making sure your feet sit flatly on the floor when seated.
4.  And finally, now that we know your fit we focus on the style of the sofa; the arms, the legs or skirt, the fabric.

Changing the firmness of the seat cushions, the firmness of the back cushions, or the height of the leg does not change the price of the furniture.  It is really just about taking the time to understand what you need.  

And if two people share a sofa but need each end fitted differently - we can do that too!

Come and see us at Harrison's today.  Shouldn't you be comfortable at home?